Querétaro, México.

This design was made on a peculiar land due to the shape of the polygonal of the land which is an irregular triangle of 800 m2, one of the premises was how to develop an extensive architectural program on that land? Due to the fact that one of the limitations for the development of the design are the restrictions on the part of the construction regulations of the subdivision, of which there was a useful area of rudeness for the construction of 350 m2, in addition, a generous pool had to be put inside said area.

In the end, the result was amazing because it gave way to an atypical architectural distribution and fully complying with the architectural program provided by the clients. generating as main stage views towards the pool and as well as an indoor / outdoor relationship with the terrace and pool.

Project Information

Status: under construction
Land area: 800 m2
Project Area: 1000 m2
Type of project: Residencial Campestre
Project team: Arch. Hugo Ortiz / Jacqueline Sarao.
Collaborators: Constructivo.

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